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2008 Magic Regionals Report: Go Go Platinum Angel

I was pretty excited to play last Saturday in my first regionals ever. The Fort Worth, TX regionals attracts many people. Someone told me it’s drawn 200+ players every year for the last couple of years. I was expecting 8-9 rounds.

I hadn’t had much experience with live play so I played in an FNM (Friday Night Magic) the night before. Most of my playtesting was done on Magic Workstation. In fact, I just received my deck from eBay on Thursday, only two days before regionals.

Playing in the FNM helped me make the adjustment from online play to real life play. However, the closest FNM was an hour from my place. Also, I made a wrong turn coming back home. By the time, I got back home it was already 2:00am. Plus, I still had to finalize my sideboard and plan my sideboard decisions against the popular netdecks.

By the time I created a sideboard, it was 3:30am. Regionals was at 9:00am so I didn’t get much sleep. Sleep is underrated as I found out during the tournament especially since I played a mono blue control deck for a good 9 hours.

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